Located in Los Angeles, California, FISCHLER ARTIST PROMOTIONS, is an independent music artist promotion company offering various services to recording artists such as CD release campaigns, radio interviews from terrestrial, satellite and including some of the most listened to online radio stations. They work with both signed and unsigned bands and artists.

FISCHLER ARTIST PROMOTIONS builds lasting relationships with our artists, we feel part of the reason why the mainstream music industry has lost a great deal of its luster and is losing money to the Indies is because they have forgotten who the Artist is. They have not invested the time in developing an artist. Artists are treated as disposable products, and therefore there has been an overall “dummying down”of the entire industry. We take on just a couple artists at a time, being sure not to spread themselves yo thin. If you are interested in contacting F.A.P. please send them an email.

Between 2008 and 2011 Steve Fischler had been working with Magnolia Gold records as their Promotions Director. Magnolia Gold Records is the home of the late legendary Delaney Bramlett and actor, singer, entertainer Suze Lanier Bramlett. Steve continues to have close affiliations with Magnolia Gold Records.

When they commit to taking on a talent, they build the foundation on the promotion end so that the artist can do what they do best; create their music.

Currently Steve is working with, among others, Wiley Ray and The Big "O" Band. Wiley has one of the best Roy Orbison Tribute Shows in the country, they are now on tour.

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